Employee Testimonial

Good experiences are made to be shared.

Dr. Reemda Jaeschke

Manager - Finance & Risk

What has brought you to zeb?

After finishing my PhD I wanted to get into consulting. zeb was my first choice. I liked the exclusive focus on financial services, the full spectrum of consulting services and the genuine expertise. Additionally, I quickly gained the impression that zeb has a great company culture to offer. Meeting consultants from zeb at career events showed me they were all true experts on their topics, very down to earth and simply great to talk to. 

What makes zeb special?

Definitely the people I work with. Everyone is very friendly and they all support each other. As a member of the “zeb family”, you are appreciated within the team and seen as an important member of the community.
Nevertheless, if you’re facing any issues or have questions regarding your personal development, everyone has a CDC, a career development counsellor. He or she takes care of you by counseling you and advising you with regard to your career development. My CDC is great! He supports me big-time and always has an open ear when I need his advice. 

What are your responsibilities at zeb?

At the moment, I am part of a very large project. With a team of over 30 people we are supporting a German retail bank in an IT provider migration. The project is highly complex. It involves over 400 project members from the bank, IT providers and zeb over a two-year time span. As sub-project lead, I am responsible for preparing all presentations related to the project status for the board of directors, steering committees, external regulators, etc. 
Furthermore, I am an active member of our women@zeb network. We have built up a strong network of women within zeb that support each other and organize recruiting events, conferences and seminars for women. At our quarterly networking events we invite female guest speakers, have seminars to improve our methodological skills and exchange our experiences over dinner. I have already made many good friends in this network. 

How did you experience your first weeks at zeb? What were your first impressions?

What I remember most about my first days at zeb is that all colleagues gave me a very warm welcome. It was unbelievably easy to get to know other colleagues at the office as well as at one of the numerous company events zeb offers. The meetings we have with our practice groups are great to build up a personal network with people besides the ones you work with on your project.