Employee Testimonial

Good experiences are made to be shared.

Arecida Zabel

Senior Consultant

What has brought you to zeb?

Finishing my Masters in Economics I knew that I wanted to go into consulting – and when I got to know zeb during an event I knew it was the right company for me. Besides offering exciting projects in the financial services industry, zeb impressed me with their open and honest company culture. I quickly realized that consultants at zeb truly live up to the “no-bullshit” philosophy.

What makes zeb special?

What is most special to me is the broad range of topics and client problems covered by zeb. We have an expert for everything. This allows us to truly tackle client problems holistically and at the same time gives me the perspective to broaden my horizons all the time. Working at zeb allows Consultants a steep learning curve.

At the same time zeb offers a strong community of like-minded people and with time you are growing into the ‘zeb-family’. As every career path within zeb is individual the theme is “stay and grow” which gives you the opportunity to figure out what interests you the most and engage in topics outside consulting projects.

What are your responsibilities at zeb?

I am working in the Corporate and Institutional Banking practice on strategic and organizational topics. In the past I have been working on various projects with the main focus on the evaluation of strategic options in the financial services industry, the strategic repositioning and innovation of business models and the optimization of processes.

Further I am engaging in various topics within zeb: as the lead for the Uni Mannheim team I am coordinating recruiting activities, as a member of the female recruiting team I am supporting our company’s goal to increase female share and in the Frankfurt office I am helping to plan and organize office events.

How did you experience your first weeks at zeb? What were your first impressions?

I remember a very warm welcome of all colleagues I met during my first days in the office and on my first project. It was easy to approach people and get to know them. Especially my mentor (career development councilor) spared no effort to support me with my first steps and decisions. What helped me most during the first weeks was to quickly build up a personal network with people that work on exciting topics.